September 7, 2012

fno 2012

Fashion's Night Out this year was pretty nuts. It took me longer to get out of the subway station than the subway rides to get there. We used to arrive early to grab all the free stuff and catch some events but I didn't get to do anything I planned this year. Since my class dismissed so late at night, most of the stores were already closing by the time I showed up. But we still tried to make the most of it wandering through the streets that isn't Broadway. 

1. Caught up on some street style.
2. Discovered City of the Sun when we sat on the curb to rest. We heard Summerchild, fucking amazing live.
3. Well we also found Yayoi Kasuma finally, she wouldn't negotiate on some VIP Fireflies tix.
4. This pimp-ass car strolling through Soho made everyone notice. Only cars like these should be allowed on the road.
5. WTC lights.
6. & on a different note, another baby to add to my collection arrived today!