September 5, 2012

fireflies and cats

Today was my second day of college, third class this week, and so far I'm pretty content with the schedule. One thing I love about my schedule is that I have so much time to accomplish things before class starts. Like today, my friends and I went to the Whitney Museum trying to get in to see Yayoi Kasuma's Fireflies Exhibit. Unfortunately for some dumb reason, the next showtime available to see the exhibit was at 3. I start class at 3, and we got to the museum before it opened. It was not going to happen. Hopefully, I will go again on a day where I have nothing else to do so I can wait all day on line and get my 2 minutes of alone time in her exhibit. So instead, we saw her other exhibit since we were already in (and it was cuhrazy but not as cuhrazy as the other one). Then we headed to my friend's house and teased her fat cat for a few hours before I had to go back to class. I can still say I feel accomplished after everything that's happened today. I can also say that every post from now on may involve cats.