October 24, 2012

i'm happs

I finally got the new iPod touch and it is radically changing my life. My first one was a 3rd generation iPod, second most current is a 4th generation nano. The first one just died, literally died on me. I would still be using it today if it hadn't decided to quit. The second simply ran out of room for my music. And right now with the new one, I haven't even synced any tunes in it yet, I'm just downloading apps like its the right thing to do. I got Cinemagram, an app I have been wanting 4eva, which made these beautiful gifs of my kitty. And Instragram, which I will now use a lot more than I used to. My user is mischayl so add me! 

My first midterms of the college life all took place in the same day, yesterday. I was in the worst mood after those six hours, I just really hate people on public transportation (but now I have an new iPod to attend to). I'm more relaxed now but it would be nice to have Halloween wrap the month upand have Thanksgiving around the corner as soon as possible so I can see my friends again. Anyway, I'm gonna go continue moving in to the App Store now.... ☮