November 28, 2012

grain and pixels

These are two color negatives I scanned on my brand-spankin-new scanner(!). I did not take these. I found these two negatives together on a subway floor a few years ago. They had been sitting in every wallet I've changed in and out of until I would one day somehow scan it and see what it really had. Interestingly, they are 35mm shots of the Empire State Building... from someone's computer screen. I thought someone shot this through the screening of their window but then I saw the cursor. Anyway,all my time would be occupied  tonight scanning allll of my negatives ever taken and processed through but they are all in my locker at school. (-___-) Until next time! (If you took this, message me!) ☮

November 8, 2012


Yesterday was one of the most significant days of my life: I voted for the first time. But before that happened, my night was a wreck. It took me three long hours to get home which should have been a less than one hour commute. The highlights of the day were getting back some satisfying scores on my first midterms and finding out we will live in Barry-O's world for the rest of my college life. This will be good.
It's been a very, very slow week though. Being out of school for a week really got to me. My eye muscles were spazzing in the darkroom once we came back and that never happens! Anyway, I made a few prints from the last roll and they've been some of the best so far. I plan on making a series of my family members and friends in the same light situation. Too bad it's getting darker earlier now and that the perfect sunlight comes in when nobody is home. 

Today it snowed an actual blizzard since last Halloween. The MTA is really fucked up right now post-Sandy and getting on the bus during Athena wasn't an option. I walked the fifteen blocks home instead. A New-Yorker's gotta do what a New-Yorker's gotta do. C ya in life~ (follow me on instagram for weird pics mischayl) ☮

November 1, 2012

pre, during, & post-sandy

Before focusing the spotlight on Sandy's disastrous craft and aftermath, my cat is gonna lead the post. These photos were taken way before anyone even knew about the frankenstorm. I can't not photograph her and not share it. Just look at her being comfortable and smug on my new bed. Cutie! She even learned to balance herself on the footboard beams so she can jump on my printer and then on my shelves. Curious cat. Okay, onward to that bitch of a Sandy.. after the jump.