November 1, 2012

pre, during, & post-sandy

Before focusing the spotlight on Sandy's disastrous craft and aftermath, my cat is gonna lead the post. These photos were taken way before anyone even knew about the frankenstorm. I can't not photograph her and not share it. Just look at her being comfortable and smug on my new bed. Cutie! She even learned to balance herself on the footboard beams so she can jump on my printer and then on my shelves. Curious cat. Okay, onward to that bitch of a Sandy.. after the jump.

Dis bitch.. she thinks it's okay to visit the East Coast, play with the water, and dump her shit then leave! Mmmno. This city loves taking on challenges and we are all invincible when it comes to nature having its way  but this is more about all the damage this hurricane left for us to clean up. All five boroughs including the neighboring states have got it the worst. I have never seen anything like this since 9/11 but worse. Our basements flooded like it never has when the water in the sewer had nowhere to else to go, so instead went up our shower drains and pipes. I went outside to check if it were leaves clogging, which wasn't, and found hundred-old tree branches as well as everyone's garbage remains scattered all over the street. However it didn't actually feel like the apocalypse until the power suddenly went out last night. The only fun thing about it was taking a shower with candles (romantic) and seeing the night sky with no artificial light. Sadly, no stars were to be seen since the storm's clouds were still hovering. All of Lower Manhattan had already been out of  power as well as some adjacent neighborhoods so when ours went out, I started losing all sanity and hope that the power will be restored in time to open my fridge and find nothing spoiled. I went to bed thinking that actually, I was almost at the point of recording my every last move while I was still myself. Three hours later when the power came back, I'm sure that was the crazy me talking with a lot of worry on my mind.

At this point, nobody is sure when school will resume (we've been out all week) or how soon the entire MTA system will run normally again. We're all hoping for Monday to shine some light on us, because I am going crazy doing nothing at home. They say getting the power back everywhere is going to take up to 5 days and pumping the subway stations will take just as long. This doesn't sound awesome but knowing how fast citizens of the city work, everything will be okay and I will one day get to see the interior of a subway car again.

Sandy came and wreaked havoc on a lot of memorable sites of my childhood and I will somehow use my time to clean them up in any way I can, but while we're trying to fix it up here, donations to the Red Cross or whatever people not affected do to help, do it! We're a strong city alone but outside help is always appreciated! ☮