June 26, 2012


I'm so glad it's all over. I am totally done with the NYC Public School system. This Class of 2012 graduated at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, the name and place we have been waiting for all year.

June 20, 2012


Here's to all the hard work accomplished the last four years. I initially wasn't for the idea of even attending prom but my mom made me go saying I would regret it. I was just really discouraged to go after spending so much money this year and after all the shit the school gave us. We deserved it even though it's a high school tradition. I guess I'm glad I went, the food was amazing and I loved seeing everyone look more classier than ever. These two pics are pre-prom. I took everything else on film. Can't wait to develop them! (Yes, I wore my glasses. Sue me. They're stylish ok)

June 8, 2012

enough about my life, let's talk movies

Somewhere someday I'm going to need this list and I thought I would share it with everyone. I've compiled several of my favorite movies, actually specific scenes with a good soundtrack that I will always remember, in no particular order. They're the parts that inspire me as an artist and as a person. If you haven't seen them, you better check them out now or we will never be friends.

Pride and Prejudice (2005) Dawn Scene:
The director's zooming in this whole film is so unnecessary in my opinion and always cracks me up but the amount of swag that's put into Mr. Darcy's walk cancels it out. This scene makes me lose all senses from my entire body (just exaggerating but still). I guess I have a weakness for foggy sunrises and men with sideburns who struts miles in the night to see his woman.

Spirited Away (2001) Dragon Boy Scene:
Okay it's actually this whole soundtrack I love first and then the arts production second. I can't supply the exact scene of this song but it's just the song I wanted to share anyway. It's so powerful and dramatic, it has the ability to take you to the other world (yes it does), it's so mesmerizing even without a visual. If my school's orchestra played this entire movie soundtrack, I'd buy every show just to hear it. Instrumental music that gives you goosebumps.. loves it. 

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Scene:
Heath Ledger. High School. And one of the only songs I've grown up listening to on the Winamp Media Player on my Microsoft Windows 98. Dassit.

Princess Diaries (2001) The Whole Damn Movie:
Sorry but Youtube limited some of the possibilities of sharing my favorite scenes so I guess I'll just have to say the whole movie was one of my favorites because it really was. It made me wish I lived in San Francisco in the 00's from the I'm Supergirl scene to Miracles Happen scene. I'm jealous. I wish I was a princess of some made-up land.

Life Size (2000) Be A Star Scene:
12 years later and I still sing this song. I had this on VHS and it was probably the first movie where I actually cried at the end. If I watch it now I'll probably also be crying for Lindsay's childhood. Now Tyra is Tyra and I admire her for being such a great role model for many kids but..... no buts, this was a great movie from my childhood and I will always remember it.

Pretty In Pink (1986) Try A Little Tenderness Scene:
Molly Ringwald started my love for the 80s and all the works of John Hughes. However it is Jon Cryer of all people who made me love the energy of the 80s. I mean what the heck is happening? I don't know, I don't care, I love it! My god I would totally let anyone who swoops in at the right time through my record store door to lip-sync to soul music even if he was planning on robbing me. Just let the whole atmosphere setup be like this.

Howl's Moving Castle (2004) Howl's Hair Scene:
From Christian Bale's sexy voice to Howl's butt-crack of a wizard in this scene, this is one of my top favorite movies ever. I couldn't stop reenacting this scene with my sister after watching it for the first time. When people ask me what my favorite movie is, it's not so easy to answer as long as the film industry keeps going but I always say "Howl's Moving Castle". Miyazaki has this magical way of creating beautifully extravagant and elaborately decorative worlds. I don't know what he takes to imagine these things, but I want it. And Josh Hutcherson was just a little cutie when he made this!

It Takes Two (1995) Wedding Scene:
This movie!!!1 Holy shit.. Okay I stole this VHS from my cousins when we were little and it's probably still in my house somewhere. So I stole it and still kept it because it made such an impact on my childhood.  This single movie plays a huge chunk of my love for the Olsen twins. It was my most quotable movie before Mean Girls. The Parent Trap is probably somewhere in that interval as well. This movie made me want to play hardcore street baseball with other 6 year-olds and spit gum in dumb bitches' hair. My favorite twins! Cutest movie ever no matter how cheesy.

Twin Peaks (1990) Intro Scene:
This isn't a movie but it should be considered one since the TV show only ran one season. One season or not, it was fucking amazing. I actually had not heard of it until last summer. I had nothing better to do with my time when I came back from Boston so I watched literally everything Netflix had to offer on Instant. Twin Peaks was one of the wisest choices I've ever made. I usually don't sit through 3-minute long intros but Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch made me sit through them (as long as my air conditioner was on) and in Lynch's crazy, subconscious, fucked up fantasy worlds.. I watched the whole season in two days. When one episode ended, the next one followed in no matter of time.

Drive (2011) Elevator Scene:
If I knew Nicolas Refn was capable of directing such a magnificent masterpiece, then maybe I would have watched all his other movies before this. But I actually watched it for my baby Ryan. Who, in this scene exactly, is the reason why my hormones cannot control themselves. Besides the violent-as-fuck head stomping, the freaking dramatic lighting and slow-mo awkward-but-really-isn't kiss scene is enough for my I-have-the-hots-for-Gosling radar to break from detecting too much attraction. The casting was perfect and the soundtrack, I may have said this before, is SUPERBLY ACE. If I lived in LA, I probably would have put on my varsity jacket and drive down the highway at night listening to the same exact pop tracks right after watching this.

August Rush (2007) Final Scene:
This performance, er song, is 7 minutes long and I had to download it on my iPod once I saw it. I get goosebumps listening to it on the subway or I twitch if I fell asleep. The odds of any of the events in this movie to happen in real life like a little orphan kid conducting the New York Philharmonic Orchestra is most likely very slim or no chance to happen at all but it was a goddamn amazing visual inspiration for me as an artist who goes to school in this hood (REPRESENT). Nah though really, I wish I was even across the street when they were filming this, the music is perfect for summer breezy nights in the city.. especially when you're leading the stage and find out your biological parents found each other and then you.

This list isn't complete yet but I hope you enjoyed what interests and inspires me.... so far or not idk. I will add more in another post when I come up with more favorites.

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