November 20, 2013

august september october november diary

These past several months have gone by pretty fast. It's almost Christmas! And then 2014, and then spring semester, and then my summer plans start again. I remember all the goals I wish I could do this summer at the beginning of vacation and now knowing I've only been able to do half. School has started and before I knew it, my brain and body jumped into action and took on all the opportunities and knowledge I could get.

Since the last post, I went on a solo trip to Montreal with my friend, started my driving classes, shot underwater film, drove up to Buffalo twice, ran many errands, watched every good TV show introduced this summer, made a cake with a new frosting recipe, brought my parents to their first art museum experience, rode Deno's Wonder Wheel for the first time, almost went to China, almost went to Florida, almost went to Boston, met a lot of amazing people, learned how to use medium format, learned green screen, got published in a book, attended Saturday Night Live, went pear picking at a Korean farm, saw Washed Out live, started a new series involving photography and illustration, and most importantly, took a lot and a lot of photos. Enjoy the post! (sorry about blogger's motion blur quality, it's not my fault!) ☮

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July 12, 2013

s/s photo diary

Film, digital, and phone photos of my life these past few months! Summer has just begun.

June 7, 2013

space and time

Hey y'all, the city weather has just switched from a hot summer to a cold spring again. Which means I'll be sitting at home with a lot of time to do things like writing a blog post. These past few weeks, I have been able to finally go out and shoot since all colleges were ending their semester so I shot Allyson and Phyllis when they came back. It's incredible that I could be running on a few hours of sleep and I would still have the energy to shoot photos in ridiculously hot weather. I also applied to several internships and jobs which would and would not help me in my career. I don't even care if I find a job anymore, I just have to shoot more photos and learn to drive and travel and I'll be good. Speaking of driving, I finally went to the DMV and took my permit test a few days ago and passed on the first round. I don't really know why I didn't do this when I turned 16. Now I have to find a driving school and practice and I'll be trekking across American soil from the east coast to the west in no time. PS: I've updated the prices of items in my lil blog shop and included a new pair of shoes. Please check it out! I need the money to fund my portfolio website that I really want to set up this summer. Happy June! :) ☮

May 21, 2013

doin' it right

One month into my summer vacation and I've spent it by waking up 5 minutes before noon and watching every episode of Criminal Minds. Of course, I had to make myself keep a log of things I did every day to remind myself that I'm actually trying to be productive. It just started getting summery all of a sudden so I'll actually pull myself out of the house to do something (plus it's about time friends come back). It has been a pretty chilly May before yesterday.

While my brain is slowly dissolving in this heat, I thought I should finally pick up my camera after this long break since school ended. I had a mini shoot with myself in the basement late last night.. it was fun. It was time for a new profile pic too. I wasn't feeling very inspired to photograph before this anyway but my photographic side will be ultimately revived beginning tomorrow! 

April 30, 2013

my big break

So my freshman year of college ended yesterday.. Feels like I just graduated high school. I've been neglecting to write here, if I was writing at all, because of schoolwork but now that it's all over.. I should be able to write, right? I guess.

Minus the allergies or cold or whatever that I've had this past week, I tried to start my "summer" vacation off on the right foot by hanging out at Times Square, my least favorite place to be in all of New York City. I would have never brought myself there if it wasn't for JR and his projects. I was surfing about the waves of the Internet last night and I saw that the InsideOut Project was coming to New York and so I was like.. I really have to go there. And so I did the next afternoon.

My whole life is devoted to making and viewing and participating in art. This was no exception. And with the weather somehow trying to control its bipolar-ness, we should be seeing sunny skies and breezy, long days by next week so I can shave my legs and not wear pants and take pictures (of not my legs). I have a lot planned for this summer.. er these next four months.. and I am so excited. I always say I have a lot of shit planned and it's going to be awesome but it is.. I just never share it because I'm getting lazy and uptight about it. Who knoowwwwszz. But obviously, I'm keeping posted on my Instagram (lilmisch) when I'm being that super-lazy-non-photographer kind of person so get on that! After the break are some phone pictures from ma lyfe... See ya around ☮

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March 6, 2013

so many details

I finally have my own little studio at home! All the equipment  for under $100 total, I'm more than satisfied. I learned that black seamless gets really dirty really fast and its actually still pretty reflective but lots of retouching should do the trick. I'm working on a project which involves me and my cat (or mostly just my cat). Using a studio setup was one of the ideas (I wanted to do a yearbook picture with her but I think I'll work on that tomorrow). Below is one of the outtakes I probably won't use. I love soft boxes and strobes!!!

And also, if you ever want people to look at you weird in public, just carry a 4.5 ft roll of paper around like I did. ;) ☮
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March 3, 2013


My spring break started Friday so the first thing I decided to do was to cut my hair. I chopped off nine inches and realized my hair hasn't been this short since the fourth grade. I also realized I can't donate my strands because the ends aren't natural :( Nonetheless, I'm excited to show off my new do to the world! It behaves in the bottom photo. Other than that, I'm gonna have to learn new ways to do my hair. I'm gonna go make a pinhole camera for my friend now..☮

February 17, 2013

life on repeat

First of all, sorry about all the profanity in the last post. I was really stressed out. Speaking of stress, Teen Ink picked one of my photos for their Bully Book that comes out soon, hopefully, and it will be published of course and sold in stores. Can't wait! Right now, I'm actually taking a break from typing up my photo history midterm notes which are really helpful to do and the sole reason why I ace all the exams. And then speaking of acing things, I made the Dean's List at school, which is news to me because I had no idea what that was. It reminded me of when I got sent to the Dean's office in high school for taking photos in the cafeteria sophomore year. But I'm proud to be on this Dean's list.

Secondly, my friend insisted I try listening to xxyyxx (again). The first time, I really didn't like his sound, but that was based on the first few 'popular' songs Spotify gave me and they are really bad but then I heard his other ones from Still Sound like Life on Repeat and I can't stop putting them on repeat ever since. You have to listen to them loud through headphones for full effect.

February 12, 2013

english sux

I'm in college and I'm still taking English, why is this mandatory? I thought 12 years of practicing English was enough. One of my biggest peeves is writing about shit that I can't describe about books that I did not enjoy on topics that I can't relate to. Why can't  I just verbally announce my "essay" and grade that? What's worse about the class now is that I have 7 days before the next class so I leave everything to be done until the night before or morning of and it's only because I'm avoiding it and because I'm busy. I hate proper English and minimum four page essays and theses on books that I can explain better out loud than on paper. This should have been a status.

I just wanted to make this a post about my frustration with papers and that I have photos to share but I can't because I have to write this essay before it's too late. Ugggggh I can't even. On a side note, that's a good thing, my friend painted my kitty in gouache on Bristol.
Check her out at

I was also casually shopping with Kara Hayward at Topshop today. Wish we had taken a selfie!

February 5, 2013

february five

  1. I was born on the fifth of February; it snowed, just as it is now.
  2. In five days, it will be Chinese New Year and the Prabal Gurung x Target collection will be released.
  3. In class today, I wrote out five ideas I plan to shoot before this coming fall. I am so excites. 
  4. Contemplated on starting another 52 weeks project.. still not sure.
  5. And having nothing to do with the number 5, I just wish it was spring already so I can shoot some goddamn good pictures because this weather is ruining everything. 
But anyway, I have been taking photos! None of which I am really satisfied with. Here's some pics from the camera and phone to make up for my absence on the web. More to come after the 10th! ☮