February 5, 2013

february five

  1. I was born on the fifth of February; it snowed, just as it is now.
  2. In five days, it will be Chinese New Year and the Prabal Gurung x Target collection will be released.
  3. In class today, I wrote out five ideas I plan to shoot before this coming fall. I am so excites. 
  4. Contemplated on starting another 52 weeks project.. still not sure.
  5. And having nothing to do with the number 5, I just wish it was spring already so I can shoot some goddamn good pictures because this weather is ruining everything. 
But anyway, I have been taking photos! None of which I am really satisfied with. Here's some pics from the camera and phone to make up for my absence on the web. More to come after the 10th! ☮