February 12, 2013

english sux

I'm in college and I'm still taking English, why is this mandatory? I thought 12 years of practicing English was enough. One of my biggest peeves is writing about shit that I can't describe about books that I did not enjoy on topics that I can't relate to. Why can't  I just verbally announce my "essay" and grade that? What's worse about the class now is that I have 7 days before the next class so I leave everything to be done until the night before or morning of and it's only because I'm avoiding it and because I'm busy. I hate proper English and minimum four page essays and theses on books that I can explain better out loud than on paper. This should have been a status.

I just wanted to make this a post about my frustration with papers and that I have photos to share but I can't because I have to write this essay before it's too late. Ugggggh I can't even. On a side note, that's a good thing, my friend painted my kitty in gouache on Bristol.
Check her out at philjane.tumblr.com

I was also casually shopping with Kara Hayward at Topshop today. Wish we had taken a selfie!