February 17, 2013

life on repeat

First of all, sorry about all the profanity in the last post. I was really stressed out. Speaking of stress, Teen Ink picked one of my photos for their Bully Book that comes out soon, hopefully, and it will be published of course and sold in stores. Can't wait! Right now, I'm actually taking a break from typing up my photo history midterm notes which are really helpful to do and the sole reason why I ace all the exams. And then speaking of acing things, I made the Dean's List at school, which is news to me because I had no idea what that was. It reminded me of when I got sent to the Dean's office in high school for taking photos in the cafeteria sophomore year. But I'm proud to be on this Dean's list.

Secondly, my friend insisted I try listening to xxyyxx (again). The first time, I really didn't like his sound, but that was based on the first few 'popular' songs Spotify gave me and they are really bad but then I heard his other ones from Still Sound like Life on Repeat and I can't stop putting them on repeat ever since. You have to listen to them loud through headphones for full effect.

I went to Petco during my break last Thursday and I did NOT want to leave. The most adorably mixed kitten was there along with her two sisters who were calico and tuxedo kitties. But this one.. she was a tabby/white/orange striped mix and I had to have her! Only four and a half months old without their mommy as hurricane rescues,.. I would have adopted all three if I lived alone. I would have adopted this lil baby right away and skipped my Commerce class if she didn't have two sisters. :( I predict that this cuteness overload will be adopted rather quickly. She is like a mini tiger cub! Aw Lux would have been a big sister... but I am 110% in love with the baby I have right now.

Also, Happy New Year to my Asian readers! Yaaaaaaay bye ☮