March 6, 2013

so many details

I finally have my own little studio at home! All the equipment  for under $100 total, I'm more than satisfied. I learned that black seamless gets really dirty really fast and its actually still pretty reflective but lots of retouching should do the trick. I'm working on a project which involves me and my cat (or mostly just my cat). Using a studio setup was one of the ideas (I wanted to do a yearbook picture with her but I think I'll work on that tomorrow). Below is one of the outtakes I probably won't use. I love soft boxes and strobes!!!

And also, if you ever want people to look at you weird in public, just carry a 4.5 ft roll of paper around like I did. ;) ☮
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March 3, 2013


My spring break started Friday so the first thing I decided to do was to cut my hair. I chopped off nine inches and realized my hair hasn't been this short since the fourth grade. I also realized I can't donate my strands because the ends aren't natural :( Nonetheless, I'm excited to show off my new do to the world! It behaves in the bottom photo. Other than that, I'm gonna have to learn new ways to do my hair. I'm gonna go make a pinhole camera for my friend now..☮