April 30, 2013

my big break

So my freshman year of college ended yesterday.. Feels like I just graduated high school. I've been neglecting to write here, if I was writing at all, because of schoolwork but now that it's all over.. I should be able to write, right? I guess.

Minus the allergies or cold or whatever that I've had this past week, I tried to start my "summer" vacation off on the right foot by hanging out at Times Square, my least favorite place to be in all of New York City. I would have never brought myself there if it wasn't for JR and his projects. I was surfing about the waves of the Internet last night and I saw that the InsideOut Project was coming to New York and so I was like.. I really have to go there. And so I did the next afternoon.

My whole life is devoted to making and viewing and participating in art. This was no exception. And with the weather somehow trying to control its bipolar-ness, we should be seeing sunny skies and breezy, long days by next week so I can shave my legs and not wear pants and take pictures (of not my legs). I have a lot planned for this summer.. er these next four months.. and I am so excited. I always say I have a lot of shit planned and it's going to be awesome but it is.. I just never share it because I'm getting lazy and uptight about it. Who knoowwwwszz. But obviously, I'm keeping posted on my Instagram (lilmisch) when I'm being that super-lazy-non-photographer kind of person so get on that! After the break are some phone pictures from ma lyfe... See ya around ☮

PSSSS: I've updated my store blog thingy where I sell my stuff: here