June 7, 2013

space and time

Hey y'all, the city weather has just switched from a hot summer to a cold spring again. Which means I'll be sitting at home with a lot of time to do things like writing a blog post. These past few weeks, I have been able to finally go out and shoot since all colleges were ending their semester so I shot Allyson and Phyllis when they came back. It's incredible that I could be running on a few hours of sleep and I would still have the energy to shoot photos in ridiculously hot weather. I also applied to several internships and jobs which would and would not help me in my career. I don't even care if I find a job anymore, I just have to shoot more photos and learn to drive and travel and I'll be good. Speaking of driving, I finally went to the DMV and took my permit test a few days ago and passed on the first round. I don't really know why I didn't do this when I turned 16. Now I have to find a driving school and practice and I'll be trekking across American soil from the east coast to the west in no time. PS: I've updated the prices of items in my lil blog shop and included a new pair of shoes. Please check it out! I need the money to fund my portfolio website that I really want to set up this summer. Happy June! :) ☮