November 20, 2013

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These past several months have gone by pretty fast. It's almost Christmas! And then 2014, and then spring semester, and then my summer plans start again. I remember all the goals I wish I could do this summer at the beginning of vacation and now knowing I've only been able to do half. School has started and before I knew it, my brain and body jumped into action and took on all the opportunities and knowledge I could get.

Since the last post, I went on a solo trip to Montreal with my friend, started my driving classes, shot underwater film, drove up to Buffalo twice, ran many errands, watched every good TV show introduced this summer, made a cake with a new frosting recipe, brought my parents to their first art museum experience, rode Deno's Wonder Wheel for the first time, almost went to China, almost went to Florida, almost went to Boston, met a lot of amazing people, learned how to use medium format, learned green screen, got published in a book, attended Saturday Night Live, went pear picking at a Korean farm, saw Washed Out live, started a new series involving photography and illustration, and most importantly, took a lot and a lot of photos. Enjoy the post! (sorry about blogger's motion blur quality, it's not my fault!) ☮

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