January 5, 2014

mmxiii visual diary

The struggle was real these past few months. But it continues!
Here is me reflecting the past year:
Looking back, this was the last time I shot jpegs. I'm RAW forever now. 
Post-production will never be the same. 

Nothing more eventful this month than my birthday, Chinese New Year, and some snow shoveling.

And this was when I started throwing my cat at everyone with my photographs.

As well as my family.

My first month of the great summer break and going after the things I wanted to do,
like walking to the beach every other day to watch the sun set.

Took advantage of Luna Park one day and rode every ride, at least more than once, because we could.
Every Friday we went for the fireworks.

Road trips up north to Buffalo, Niagara, and Beacon were such a treat for my eyes.

As well with Montreal and Ausable Chasm.

This month was the beginning of many things.
I learned a lot, experienced a lot, and I knew it was just the beginning.

My studio portraits has started at this time, as well as my illustration-photographs.

Mo'vember y'all. My gang continues.

And with the end of the year, I finally got the chance to execute a long-waited photo shoot.

By the end of this coming year, I hope to get my driver's license and get my website up. 
Thanks for reading/viewing/catching up with me! I wish you all a Happy 2014 ☮